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Why You Need Payroll Services for Your Small Business

Here are some ways that payroll services can create a big advantage for your small business.

When you are running your small business, you wear multiple hats. One of the roles that you probably take on is handling the finances for your business, including payroll. But payroll especially can be a tedious process. If you’ve never trusted financial services to handle your payroll, then you might wonder how it can help. Here are some ways that payroll services can create a big advantage for your small business.

Save Time

As you have probably already experienced, payroll is a very time-consuming process. You have to make sure that you accurately review the hours of each employee, not to mention arrange for direct deposit and writing checks. Often you will end up double-checking your work to avoid mistakes. In fact, for the average small business owner, it can take upwards of eight hours a month just to do payroll. Having a financial advisor handle your payroll means that you save yourself valuable time.

Organized Records

Payroll requires a large amount of paperwork, especially during tax season. Depending on what type of employees you have, you might be working with W-2, W-3, 1096, or 1099 forms, or a combination of all of these. At Bowman & Company, we handle payroll as well as payroll tax filing, so you don’t have to. And we keep track of all of your records securely, which will give you peace of mind.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Because mistakes are not an option when it comes to running payroll, you probably invest a lot of mental stress agonizing over every detail of your work over and over to make sure that it is one-hundred percent accurate. With the payroll services we provide, you can be assured that we guarantee accuracy. Not only that, but we keep you informed with payroll record maintenance and monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.

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