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Bowman & Company CPA has merged with CSI Accounting & Payroll. Bowman & Company CPA has merged with CSI Accounting & Payroll.

What is a Certified Public Accountant?

You might be wondering what a CPA is and how they differ from an accountant or bookkeeper.

Bowman & Company CPA is committed to bringing you the best quality accounting services for you or your business. If you don’t have a lot of experience with accounting, then it all might sound complicated, and you probably have questions. In particular, you might be wondering what is a CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, and how they differ from an accountant or bookkeeper. 

Why CPAs are Different

A Certified Public Accountant is so much more than a bookkeeper. In order to qualify as a CPA, a person must take a rigorous course to earn their accounting license. This means that CPAs are fully trained in numerous areas of accounting and financial services. And CPA training isn’t just about getting a one-time license. CPAs also work hard to maintain their certification and credibility. When you work with a CPA, you will rest assured that someone who knows what they’re doing and takes their job seriously is handling your finances.

What a CPA Does

The CPA training covers a variety of areas, which makes a CPA like a renaissance person in accounting. It’s not surprising to find a CPA who is experienced in everything from tax consulting, to loan applications, as well as preparing financial statements and more. Many CPAs will specialize in one area or another, but you know that you can rely on them to have a depth of knowledge in their field.

The Benefits of a CPA

While your business would function just as well with a standard accountant or bookkeeper, a CPA brings so much more to the table. Bookkeepers are mostly useful for small, short-term financial services, such as payroll, while an accountant’s job is to dig into the business’s long-term financial records and help them on the path towards success. When you work with an accountant, in many ways, you are trusting a valuable part of your business to them. Therefore, having a Certified Public Accountant who went through the time and effort to earn their license means that your business will be in good hands.

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