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Bowman & Company has merged with Howard Howard and Hodges Certified Public Accountants and Small Business Consultants.


The Bowman Staff has been instrumental in assisting my brother and I as new business owners. Steven is proactive and always seems to be one step ahead of our questions. Their business model is perfect for small businesses who may have questions throughout the year. We never hesitate to call Steven to have a discussion. Their willingness to teach us has been extremely helpful. I would absolutely recommend Bowman & Company! - Kristen McArdle

As a small business owner, one of the best decisions we made was to switch our tax accounting to Bowman and Co. They work differently compared to every other CPA's in that they charge a small weekly fee throughout the year and they work on your account and taxes all year, so there are no surprises and no big invoices at tax time. You basically have CPA who knows your business on hand to help with any form of tax or accounting question at no additional costs.

We initially meet with Tom and he then assigned us Christine, who is our account manager whom we could not be happier with, she is always 2 steps ahead on tax liability and is quick to respond to whatever crazy finanacial question we have.

With them being based in Columbia MD and us in Annapolis (approx 1 hr's drive) I was initially concerned about communications and meeting with them face to face, but they use zoom meeting, so we schedule meetings and talk face to face online whenever needed and again no additional costs.

If you want the cheapest accountant out there just to do your taxes Bowman is not the right fit but if you want an accountant who truly wants to understand your business and is ahead of your tax liabilities then they are the bomb. - Peter Cook