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Bowman & Company CPA has merged with Howard, Howard and Hodges Certified Public Accountants and Small Business Consultants. Bowman & Company CPA has merged with Howard, Howard and Hodges Certified Public Accountants and Small Business Consultants.

Consequences of Avoiding Your Bookkeeping

Consequences of Avoiding Your Bookkeeping bowman & company

Leaving your bookkeeping for later could be a terrible move for your business

A critical part of running small businesses is bookkeeping. While it may seem like a tedious task you could put off for a rainy day, there can be many hefty consequences of avoiding your accounting. Here are several issues you may encounter if you don’t keep up-to-date financial records for your small business. 

You Might Be Losing Money 

Without a solid record of your books, you may not realize just how much money is coming in or how much needs to go out. This could be a massive problem for small business accounting, particularly where you need to maximize every dollar. Bookkeeping isn’t just having a written ledger of your account balance. It helps you track your expenses, including payroll and invoices. If you do not mind your accounting, you may not be sure which clients have paid their invoices and which are outstanding. Bookkeeping can also keep track of your employee benefits, like time off, healthcare, or investment benefits. Failure to keep track of those could mean that employee checks don’t go out on time, which can impact employee morale, or you may be overpaying your team without knowing, which can cause tax problems for both of you. 

Fail to Qualify for Financing

If you’re looking for a loan or other financial help for your small business, you may need to present your bookkeeping to your financial institution to qualify. Not submitting up-to-date accounting for your business could mean that the bank will just say no. After all, without a record of your inventory or profit, they would have no idea if you’d be able to pay them back. Keeping up with your accounting can also help get investors and partners to join you or even sell your business in time. 

The IRS Might Catch On to Your Bookkeeping

While you may not go to prison for not keeping up with your accounting, the IRS could issue late fees or other expensive penalties. If your books are truly out of order and you fail to report income that has already been reported via W2s or 1099s, take large, suspicious deductions, or classify your employees incorrectly could also warrant an audit.  

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