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Business Structures Explained: Finding the Right One for Your Business

Business Structures Explained: Finding the Right One for Your Business bowman & company

Having the right business structure in place will help to ensure the growth of your company.

If being a business owner is new for you, then figuring out your business structure becomes one of the most important things you can ever do towards your growth and success. In fact, whether solar or in partnership with others, understanding the different types of business structures can make all the difference. The reality is, having the right business structure for your company will help to ensure that your growth is as smooth and seamless as possible. Ultimately, finding the perfect business structure can make or break a business. Here are some of the different and more common business structures out there and the best way to determine which one would be a perfect fit for your specific business.

A Sole Proprietorship

Typically, a sole proprietorship is usually considered one of the easiest and most common business structures out there. In fact, sole proprietorships tend to be the simplest in terms of a business structure. The reality is, with a sole proprietorship there really is no distinction between you and the business — which tends to make it slightly tricky to navigate for new business owners. Mixing profits and bank accounts can be hazardous to a small business as a sole proprietorship. But, there is no formal action that needs to be taken for a sole proprietorship to be granted. Ultimately, obtaining the requisite certificates and permits is required but not much else is necessary to be designated as a sole proprietorship.

A Partnership Structure

For the most part, a partnership is usually a single business that includes two or more business owners. In fact, with a partnership each business owner will usually contribute to every single aspect of the business itself — helping one another out. The reality is that each partner will also share in all the losses and any profits _ so the risks are there but so are the rewards. Ultimately, since partnerships will involve a variety of people, it becomes increasingly important to set up ground rules for the partnership from the beginning stages of the business to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the decision-making process.

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