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Bowman & Company has merged with Howard Howard and Hodges Certified Public Accountants and Small Business Consultants.

Bowman & Company, CPA Stands Out for Many Reasons

Bowman & Company, CPA Stands Out for Many Reasons

Bowman & Company, CPA is an award-winning company with over three decades of experience.

Bowman & Company, CPA stands out for many reasons. Today, we’re going to elaborate on what these reasons are. We’ve all heard the phrase “money makes the world go ’round.” While this statement might sound vain and superficial, it’s accurate and more profound than you may realize. Financial stability enhances a person’s life in so many ways. Financial strength helps small businesses thrive, can help people fund their retirement, prevents debt, and help a person own their dream home and travel to places they never thought were possible. The list could go on forever. Our accounting professionals are passionate about promoting financial literacy and actualization. Here is what you can look forward to if you hire Bowman & Company, CPA. 

Over 30 Years of Experience 

1987 is the year that we started. With 33 years of experience, you can trust that our CPAs and bookkeepers team know what they’re doing. Still, our team speaks to our clients in a language that they can understand even with so much expertise. We give you personal attention and comprehensive advice. We are an award-winning company. This year, in 2020, we were voted by the Baltimore Sun’s Reader’s Choice as the Best Tax Preparer. But wait, there’s more! So much more! 

A Wide Range of Services 

Consider Bowman & Company, CPA, your one-stop-shop for financial services. We offer so many specialties that you don’t have to reach out to another company. You can look forward to one company helping you plan your retirement fund, teaching you about an emergency fund, preparing your taxes, and taking care of your payroll services. 

Inexpensive Services

Affordability is subjective. However, here is how you can benefit from hiring us. We offer a yearly rate with the option of paying in installments. Hourly fees can add up and become hefty. We are transparent, and you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees.

Bowman & Company, CPA is a Small Business That Cares About Other Small Businesses  

Because we’re a small business, we understand how small businesses operate and have a full understanding of their financial needs. We strive to make all of the financial aspects of your business manageable and pain-free. If you’re ready to see for yourself how we stand out from other financial companies (and not just read about it), call us today. 

Contact Bowman & Company Today

Bowman & Company CPA, PC provides all of our individual and small business customers with experienced, accurate, and affordable financial services. Our financial services are aimed at decreasing your taxes and increasing your net worth through responsible, timely, and accurate record keeping. We offer our services to clients throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area including Maryland and Baltimore County, Columbia, and Howard County. For more information on our offerings, contact us online or call us at (410) 381-8121. You can also find us on Twitter,  Linkedin,  Facebook, and Youtube.

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